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Tits = Boobs = Breasts - Refined Definition

Main Entry: breasts -
Theasaurus: 'melons' 'hooters' 'knockers' 'tits' 'tata's 'juggs'
Pronunciation: 'brest
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English brest, from Old English brEost; akin to Old High German brust breast, Old Irish brú belly, Russian bryukho
1 : either of the pair of mammary glands extending from the front of the chest in pubescent and adult human females and some other mammals; also : either of the analogous but rudimentary organs of the male chest especially when enlarged
2 a : the fore or ventral part of the body between the neck and the abdomen b : the part of an article of clothing covering the breast
3 : the seat of emotion and thought :BOSOM
4 a : something (as a front, swelling, or curving part) resembling a breast 6
- breast·ed/'bres-t&d/ adjective

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Big breasts, you say! So what's the big deal? Everyday, more and more women ask themselves if they should get breast implants, so they can keep their men happy, or attract other men. Does a woman with larger breasts actually attract a man more than a woman with small breasts does?

I've had a lot of women asking if men really care about the size of a woman's breasts. I finally decided to answer these questions, once and for all. Half the men (single men) that will read this will agree with me, while the other half those who are cat-whipped, ok, pussy whipped, might not.

Guys are attracted to a woman's general appearance, but unfortunately for women (especially those with mosquito bite sized breasts), size does matter to most men. Now some women might disagree with me. To them, I have only one question to ask. Does penis size matter? The answer is yes.

Dudes are aroused by the size of a woman's breasts the same way women are aroused by the size of a man's penis. Fortunately for women, this infatuation for large breasts depends on the man's current relationship status.

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Single men tend to appreciate (salivate over, is more like it!) large breasts. This is especially true when they're around their friends. Of course, with a room full of testosterone, you know that breast size matters. Even if a man doesn't agree, his friends will convince him by the end of the night that it does. There is an unwritten law among buddies, that we don't let each other doubt that breast size is important. It's just the macho way, I suppose.

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